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Meet the Names Behind South West Track Days

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

South West Track Days was officially established in December 2021, by two budding young racers, Ted Collins and Tayla Relph. Based in Warrnambool, Victoria, Ted and Tayla are an enthusiast dynamic duo that aim to build South West Track Days as the GO TO road race coaching service catering for all levels of experience.

About Ted and Tayla

South West Track Days is run by Tayla Relph #28 & Ted Collins Racing. We have devoted our lives to racing & there is no denying our level of passion towards this sport. Ted has many wins to his name as the 2017 Australian Supersport Champion and most recently, the 2022 Victorian Superbike Champion and holds the Superbike Lap Record at Broadford! For Tayla (aka, me), I was the first female to win an Australian Championship race, have many Australian Championship race wins & podiums to my name, have raced internationally & represented Australia!

About South West Track Days

South West Track Days was formed towards the end of Covid-19 (November 2021), purely for only us to train at the Warrnambool Kart Track after two years of no racing. We purchased two KTM390's to ride (our now Hire Bikes), but it wasn't until our first month at the Go Kart track that interest started to rise from the community, so we thought.... Why not give this a crack & open it to the public? That little thought & act of innovation subsequently lead us to where we are today. 12 months on, we have extended our (now) Coaching Days to Warrnambool Kart Track, Mac Park, and one of our favourite coaching venues - Broadford!

Our Mission

We're a dynamic duo aiming to bring a unique style of coaching to the table. While we may be young & in our early days of business ownership, we are dedicated to building South West Track Days as the GO TO road race coaching service with a difference. We combine our knowledge, experience, passion and enthusiasm to provide a unique and personal coaching day for all!

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