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South West Track Days 

Rider Reviews

I started my session on the Wednesday night riding like an absolute newb with dirtbike riding tendencies, i finished confident enough to throw the road bike into a corner and work on lowering that knee into the asphalt. Tayla and Ted are awesome and patient coaches! Helping every skill level to achieve a better outcome by the end of the session! 11/10 recommendation.

Shannon W.

11/10 Experience - You’ll have an absolute ball out on the track in a safe and inclusive environment.
Ted & Tayla are very personable & friendly and really make this so inviting & welcoming. They easily cater for all different skill levels & offer relevant advice. Their KTM’s really suit this track
Don’t hesitate - just book in now & enjoy a safe adrenaline rush!

Matthew B.

Everyone needs to check these guys out no matter what your skill level. Ted & Tayla are so friendly, and funny! and were amazing coaches, real one on one training. I learnt so much. We all had a ball and didn't want to leave the track! 10/10

Karen M.

I went with a small group to a Wednesday afternoon session with SWTD and had so much fun. I was a little nervous going in as I had no experience on the track but the coaching and guidance from the team quickly put me at ease. It was fairly priced and if anything I feel like I got a great deal for the experience I had. I’ll definitely be back

Jimmy B.

Couldn’t recommend this experience more, had heaps of fun and Ted and tayla are really accommodating for all experience levels. Thanks again

Jarrod W.

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